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CHP and KwameSCBWI isn't just for people who create children’s literature.

It’s for anyone who loves children’s literature.


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Come to one of our events, and you’ll learn what’s happening in the
industry as you connect with editors, agents, writers, and illustrators,
on a local and international level, all working toward the same goal:

getting the best new literature published and into readers' hands.


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Our Annual Conferences

Both Springmingle, held in February or March in Decatur, GA, and WIK, held in October in Birmingham, Alabama, offer attendees the opportunity to display portfolios, sell and autograph their Published and Listed books, network with industry professionals, and receive private manuscript and portfolio critiques. 

Additionally, both provide time for attendees to meet in informal critique groups to receive feedback and suggestions for revision on a manuscript, or illustration portfolio – many unique opportunities to give your career a boost! 


Local Events 

Published Members Bring Literature to Life! 

More than 100 published authors and illustrators call our Southern Breeze Region home, and are eager to meet young readers. Go to the SCBWI Speakers Bureau and select "Southern Breeze" region to find a speaker near you. 

Southern Breeze members also participate in a number of book festivals hosted by state and library organizations including the Alabama Librarian Association and the Georgia Library Association. PAL members have made presentations about their books and school visit programs at the Georgia Children's Books Festival, the Decatur Book Festival, and the Fay B. Kaigler Children's Book Festival and Awards in Hattiesburg, MS.  Published members from outside our region are also encouraged to let us know when they will be in our area to facilitate arrangement of opportunities to meet with our members.


Each year Southern Breeze offers contests for both authors and illustrators. Judge(s) are asked to  comment on each entry; winners also receive free conference tuition! See some of our Southern Breeze Writing and Illustrating Contest winnersSome of them have gone on to receive representation and book contracts. Congratulations!  

  • Submissions are due annually between June 1st – June 30th
  • Only open to current Southern Breeze members and conference attendees

Illustrators’ Day 

Illustrators gather in Atlanta annually for a one day workshop focused on portfolios with feedback for an Art Director, an editor, and a nationally recognized illustrator. This typically occurs in conjunction with our Springmingle conference.

In addition to a mentorship opportunity for those who register early, and portfolio reviews by the full faculty for the first 30 illustrators to register, illustrators will learn how, and what, to display to catch the discerning eye of art directors and editors, and can obtain a private formal critique of their portfolio at our spring conference.

Other Events 

Southern Breeze hosts a number of quaint retreats, workshops, "shop talk" meetings, socials and group book signings designed to help members cultivate their craft, meet editors and agents, network with other writers and illustrators, and connect with young readers. Check our Events page and scroll through the calendar to see what's coming up!

Nothing happening in your area? Are you interested in volunteering to host a meeting? Contact Paula Puckett, our Membership Coordinator.