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Southern Breeze Leadership 

We are fortunate to be served by three active and talented leaders. They head the organization of events dedicated to cultivating our members’ talents and careers. Those navigating our course are:

                      Regional Advisors               Assistant Regional Advisor


                 Jo S. Kittinger  & Claudia Pearson                  Heather L. Montgomery 
















Southern Breeze Steering Committee  
The Southern Breeze Steering Committee is dedicated to
bringing our members top notch conferences, special events,
and information. Click on any of the e-mail links below to
contact a member of the Steering Committee.


    Southern Breeze Co-Regional Advisor                 Jo S. Kittinger

    Southern Breeze Co-Regional Advisor                 Claudia Pearson

    Southern Breeze Assistant Regional Advisor        Heather L. Montgomery

    Newsletter Editor/Publisher                                   Dori Kleber

    Critique Group Coordinator                                   TK Read

    Illustrator Coordinator                                             Elizabeth O. Dulemba
          Assistant Illustrator Coordinator                               Kathleen Bradshaw
    PAL Member Coordinator                                       
Susan Rosson Spain

    Marketing/Publicity Coordinator                             Janice Hardy

    Spring Conference Coordinator                             Kathleen Bradshaw

    Fall Conference Co-Coordinator                            Stephanie Moody

    Listserve Moderator                                               Claudia Pearson

    Newsletter Art Director/Designer                                  Prescott Hill














Local Liaisons 
Southern Breeze is pleased to have many volunteer liaisons in cities throughout our region. If you're new to SCBWI or are looking to become more involved, these individuals can help you learn more about what's happening in your corner of Southern Breeze:

Need a Liaison in your area?   Come on…volunteer!  



    Auburn/West GA                                        Doraine Bennett

    Birmingham                                                Irene Latham

    Gulf Shores                                                Chris Bailey

    Tennessee Valley                                      Melanie Smith                          

    Mobile                                                        Carrie Cox


    Montgomery                                               Doris Jean Peak



    Atlanta (in town)                                         Sheri Dillard

    Conyers/Decatur                                        John Witkowski

    Augusta                                                       Sherri Rivers

    Athens                                                         Gail Karwoski

    Cobb                                                           Sally Apokedak

    Cumming                                                     Heather Kolich

    Gainesville                                                   Paula Puckett (Illustrator) 

    E. AL/Columbus                                           Doraine Bennett

    Macon/Warner Robbins                              Melanie Jones

    Newnan / Peachtree City                            Kimberly Campbell 

    Ocilla, Tifton                                               Tracey Cox

    Rome/La Fayette                                        Kathi Sprayberry

    North Fulton                                                Stephanie Moody

    Savannah                                                    Phyllis Tildes

    Tucker/Lilburn/Lawrenceville                      Cathy C. Hall and Debra Tiefel Mayhew


FLORIDA Panhandle   


                                                                          Ann Morrow





Be sure to visit the Blue Boards for great discussions, but if you want to chat with others in our region, go ahead! 

While not affiliated with SCBWI, some Southern Breeze members keep in touch and informed through one or more online listserves.

You can find and join a regionally based Yahoo group by logging in to Yahoo and following these steps:

  1. Type "SouthernBreeze" or in the 'find a group' box
  2. Click on 'Search'
  3. When you find the Southern-Breeze list, click 'Join this group' (you will need to set up a Yahoo account if you don't already have one).
  4. To avoid marketing groups and spam, the Southern-Breeze group requires approval, and you should receive an email indicating that your request to join has been approved.


Please note that this group is not affiliated with SCBWI, and the comments posted are the opinions of those making the posts and do not reflect opinions of or postions taken by SCBWI.