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Southern Breeze Workshop Proposals


Thank you for your interest in proposing a workshop for Southern Breeze.


Presenter Requirements for Authors/Illustrators


SCBWI PAL member status is NOT required, but PAL members are given preference

– Education/Publication History is required for craft oriented proposals (please list all publications)

– Prior speaking experience is preferred


We welcome fresh and compelling workshop ideas. Workshops must address topics relevant to potential attendees that include (but aren’t limited to) the craft of writing and illustrating for children, book marketing, industry trends, or topics relevant to the business or function of a creative life.  Location is an important element of the proposal for half and full day workshops as we would like to offer more events for members in locations outside the metro Atlanta and Birmingham areas.


For consideration as a speaker at local events or conference workshops, complete the

SCBWI Southern Breeze Online Workshop Proposal Form  here.

Each workshop in this category lasts 45 minutes. As a presenter, you’re expected to share information and experience, but may not use our events as a platform for commercial sales, paid services, excessive self-promotion, criticism or political discussion. We are always looking for presenters who can provide variety, fun, inspiration, originality and insight into the art and craft of writing and illustrating for children and for presenters who are willing to appear in locations other than the Birmingham and Atlanta metro areas. 

Conference Presenter Benefits

– Bookstore Sales for conference speakers – Speakers’ books do NOT have to be PAL books

– Conference Tuition free for conference speakers

– $150.00 Honorarium

– Paid Critiquing Opportunities (as available) for conference speakers

– Fall Apart Party invitation if presenting at WIK

To complete the SCBWI Southern Breeze Workshop Proposal Form click here

Applications for 45 minute sessions will be reviewed on a rolling basis, but the deadline to submit for a conference is 120 days prior to the conference date. We’ll take into account your publication and presenting history, the workshop’s relevancy to our attendees, and our needs as we design a balanced program for the conference. We strive to create well-rounded events with a mix of craft, marketing, and categories, and we look for variety in speakers and topics from one year to the next.

Typically, our conferences are lined up far in advance, and it may be more than a year before we can place a 45 minute workshop proposal on our schedule.  Local free events are scheduled sporadically and your proposal may be shared with local liaisons who are looking for a speaker who will contact you if they are interested in your workshop. Because of the time frame for our annual conference rotation to WIK, we will retain your proposal for three years after it is received unless you notify us that you would like to withdraw or replace it.


Half-Day and Full-Day Workshops/Intensives

To complete the SCBWI Southern Breeze Online Workshop Proposal Form click here

  1. A half day workshop entails 3 hours of instruction with breaks. A full day entails 6 hours of instruction with breaks and time for lunch. Please include a schedule for the day with detailed information about what you propose to do during each period of instruction. Each workshop proposal must include a hands-on activity described in sufficient detail to permit teachers and librarians to submit the workshop for Continuing Education Credits.

  2. The honorarium for half day events will be $500.00 and for full day $750.00. A proposal may be made jointly with other presenters, but the fee will be divided among you. A w-9 form for each presenter must be sent to the Regional Advisor to receive payment. The honorarium paid will be reported to the IRS by SCBWI.

  3. All half and full day workshops/intensives must be approved no later than 90 days prior to the proposed date for the event. It is recommended that you propose alternate dates and locations if at all possible to ensure there is no conflict with other proposed workshops. If there is already an event scheduled in the area you propose, you may have to wait to present your event. You can give the same workshop more than once in different locations, as long as the event gets the minimum number of attendees each time it is presented. No workshop will be approved if the proposed date occurs within 30 days of a Southern Breeze regional conference or the Summer or Winter SCBWI meetings.

  4. Presenters will need to find and secure the venue. Location is an important element of your proposal as we hope to offer more programs outside the metro area where our annual conference will be held. When identifying your venue, please consider the availability of food for those attending. This will be a question which is asked before the proposal is approved. You do not need to provide food or make arrangements for the attendees to eat, but it would be best if attendees do not need to search for lunch. We suggest schools, colleges, libraries, churches, synagogues and other similar venues as we have found they tend to be less costly than commercial facilities. When appropriate, please ask whether the facility offers special rates for non-profit organizations. Southern Breeze will pay for the venue directly or reimburse the speaker for the cost of the venue if they require the payment to be made by a local resident or member of the organization. Southern Breeze will also reimburse up to $100.00 in travel expense for events held outside the Atlanta and Birmingham metro areas.

  5. Registration will be set up by Southern Breeze. Each workshop/intensive must have a minimum of 15 attendees register. A waiver of this minimum may be provided only by the RA. The maximum number of attendees will be determined by the space available but is expected to be no more than 40 unless the workshop is provided by multiple presenters. Registration will be open to the public and will not be restricted to SCBWI members.The fee for members will be  $25.00; for nonmembers $35.00.

  6. The Southern Breeze Membership Coordinator can provide information about the number of members in a designated area for you to consider when drafting your proposal. When registration for the event opens, an email blast will be sent to members in the area to notify them directly of the workshop and how to register.


If you have any questions, please contact the RA, ARA or , the IC (for Illustrator proposals).


Thanks for your support of our region’s writers and illustrators !

To complete the SCBWI Southern Breeze Online Workshop Proposal Form click here