Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Conference FAQ

1. Early registration doesn’t open for a few weeks, but the registration information is on the website. Can I register now?

Registration opens early for those who want to participate in the Illustration Mentorship. Attendance at the Friday intensive, Illustrators’ Day, is required for those signing up for the mentorship, but those registering for Illustrators Day and the Mentorship can also go ahead and register for the conference on Saturday and all the “extra” options such as private critiques and consultations.


2. So if I am interested in writing rather than illustrating, must I wait for the general registration date?

Yes. You might want to look at what’s being offered for the conference, but the links for writers’ registration will not work until the Early Bird date.


3. The writers’ intensives have several tracks. Can I sign up for different tracks, for example, one in the morning and a different one in the afternoon?

You will be able to choose from the writers’ intensive options until they fill, but you can choose only one track for the entire day.


4. First time attendees may apply for the RA scholarships. Can you explain how this works?

RA scholarships are open for first time conference attendees. To apply you need to send an email to with the subject line “RA Scholarship” with the following:

A brief bio which focuses on your education and experience related to writing and illustration for a young audience.

A sample of your work, up to 250 words and 5 images (not high resolution) attached to the email (pdf, jpg or word documents).

A statement about why you want to attend and what you hope to take away from the conference.


5. Can it be any writing sample or does it have to be 250 words out of a current book manuscript?

The writing sample can be your choice. Send in your strongest work!


6. What if an attendee gets the RA Scholarship and has already registered and paid?

 If you receive an RA Scholarship and have already registered, you will receive a reimbursement, but you should have applied before you register. Please note that the RA Scholarship may not be full tuition.


7. How exactly do the fees work? Is the fee for the Friday Intensives an additional $100 for members?
There is an “early bird” discount of $25. For wik’20, for example,  registration prior to Jan. 1 would be $180-$25= $155
The intensives are an additional fee of $100.
The prices for Illustrator Day registration that is open early will include the $55 fee for the Illustration Mentorship.
Friday Illustrators day with mentorship without conference $100+$55=$155
Friday Illustrators Day with mentorship and Saturday conference $100+$55+$155= $310

Friday Illustrators Day without mentorship and Saturday conference  $100 + $155= $255

SCBWI Members Conference only early bird rate $155

SCBWI Members Illustrators’ Day or Intensive only $100

SCBWI Members Conference plus ID/Intensive $155+$100= $255

Members Conference with ID/Intensive and One-on-One with agent $155+$100+$55= $310


8. Is the conference one day or two days?

The conference itself is on Saturday and is one day.


9. On the bottom of the registration form, there is a box for a coupon code. Do members need any “coupon code”?

Coupon codes are used for volunteers who have earned perks as a result of their volunteer activities.


10.  If I don’t have a book completed, but do have a work-in-progress, should I get a manuscript critique?

Face-to-Face critiques are an excellent way to get professional feedback on your work. If you have a critique group, a F2F critique from an unbiased professional in children’s publishing will take the feedback you are receiving up a notch. If you are not already in a critique group you may want to attend the free “informal” peer  critiques to get a feeling for how the critique process works and also to have the opportunity to meet others writing for the same audience who may be looking for a            critique partner or want to form a critique group with you.


11. What is the process in a face to face critique? 

Please check the Blue Board for more information about critiques:


12. I have a query letter and a couple of rough draft chapters. How much material do you have to present in a face-to-face critique?
Ultimately, you will need to decide if you are getting your money’s worth with the material that you have ready for critique, but please see the Optional  Activities Page for more information about format and length.