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Meet our Regional Team


Headshot Image of Sharon Pegram

Co-Regional Advisor Sharon Pegram

Headshot image of Lisa Stauffer

Co-Regional Advisor, Lisa Stauffer

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Illustrator Coordinator, TeMika Grooms

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Co-Assistant Regional Advisor, Allen Wells

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Co-Assistant Regional Advisor, Melissa Miles








 What’s New in Southern Breeze?

Even with the challenges of Covid-19 cancelling all in-person events, all of our Southern Breeze volunteers have been working behind the scenes to keep us all connected. A special thanks to Heather Montgomery, our PAL Coordinator for getting book launch videos posted to our YouTube channel and hosting regular meetings of PAL authors! Also, a huge shout out to TK Read for hosting all of our wonderful critique sessions. If you’ve missed out, be sure to log in on the website to access the Zoom links through the “Members Only Page” link on the right sidebar menu. 

In addition to these ongoing opportunities, Southern Breeze has registration open for both Developing Book Dummies and Illustration Masterclass and Southern Breeze CritiqueFest 2021. Be sure to click the links to check out these events. 



Our regional team is made up solely of volunteers, but we definitely make every effort to check our email frequently. So, please reach out to us at with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Also, please complete the member survey. This helps us know what our members want. If you missed the link in the Wonderful Wednesday newsletter, you can complete it here