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SCBWI Board Members

“I could do that!” 

Perhaps you’ve seen a member working during a conference and thought, “I could do that.” 

Well, you’re right!

Southern Breeze has become a vibrant SCBWI region thanks to our energetic volunteers.

Like all regions, even our leaders are volunteers.It takes many people to help Southern Breeze

continue to offer top-notch conferences, contests, and multiple opportunities to boost the

careers of our members. 

If you’re interested in helping, great! Volunteering your talents, efforts and time, is a

wonderful way to “give back” to the organization. Below are just a few possibilities.

Remember, volunteers work their way up the ranks from jobs like being a local liaison

to the more prestigious positions such as being an Angel for our visiting editors, so offer

to help today!



Please e-mail Claudia or Sharon, we’d love to hear from you









Conference-Specific Volunteer Opportunities

n addition to the RAs, ARAs and IC, it takes approximately 50 volunteers to help put on our conferences. We couldn’t do it without you! Be sure to mark the “Yes, I’ll help” box on your registration form. Here are some of the key jobs that are filled for each conference:

Conference Coordinator 

Conference Volunteer Coordinator 
Angel Coordinator and Angels
Book Basket Coordinator 
Food Coordinator and assistants
Registration Coordinator and Welcome Table teams
Friday Agent Session Timers
Informal Critique Leaders
Drivers for faculty
Illustrator Day/Portfolio Assistant

On-Going Volunteer Opportunities through the year

Membership Coordinator           Welcome new members and coordinate Local Liaisons

Local Liaison                                Become your local “go to” person
Retreat Coordinator                   Have a retreat or workshop in mind? Offer to be the coordinator
Publicity/Promotion                  Help promote local and regional activities
Critique Group Coordinator    Organize Sho-Mo and informal critiques

PAL Coordinator                        Work with PAL members to enhance professional careers        
Webmaster                                  Updating website