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SCBWI Board Members

“I could do that!” 

Perhaps you’ve seen a member working during a conference and thought, “I could do that.” 

Well, you’re right!

Southern Breeze has become a vibrant SCBWI region thanks to our energetic volunteers.

Like all regions, even our leaders are volunteers.It takes many people to help Southern Breeze

continue to offer top-notch conferences, contests, and multiple opportunities to boost the

careers of our members. 

If you’re interested in helping, great! Volunteering your talents, efforts and time, is a

wonderful way to “give back” to the organization. Below are just a few possibilities.

Remember, volunteers work their way up the ranks from jobs like being a local liaison

to the more prestigious positions such as being an Angel for our visiting editors, so offer

to help today!



Please e-mail Claudia or Sharon, we’d love to hear from you









Conference-Specific Volunteer Opportunities

It takes approximately 50 volunteers to help put on our two major conferences. We couldn’t do it without you! Be sure to mark the “Yes, I’ll help” box on your registration form. Here are a few opportunities:

Coordinator                      Fall Conference
Coordinator                      Spring Conference
Coordinator                      Angels
Coordinator                      Book Basket
Coordinator                      Food
Coordinator                      Registration / Welcome Table
Photographers                 Candid shots of speakers / attendees
Assistants                         Bookstore
Greeters                           Welcome Table
Informal Critiquers            Manuscripts & Portfolios


On-Going Volunteer Opportunities

     Local Liaison                    Become your local “go to” person
Coordinator                      Retreat(s)  Have a retreat in mind? Offer to be the coordinator
Coordinator                      For Southern Breeze illustrators
Coordinator                      For Southern Breeze publicity
Coordinator                      Critique Groups
Coordinator                      PAL
Newsletter                        Proofreader
Newsletter                        Write articles            ( ” )
Newsletter                        Provide illustrations ( ” )
Webmaster                      Updating website
Moderator                        Yahoo Listserve