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Spring Mingle Conference & Illustrator’s Day

MARCH 15th & 16th, 2019



Welcome to the Southern Breeze (Alabama, Georgia, Florida panhandle) Region Illustrator’s page!  You’ve come to the right place for the latest information on regional events and to learn more about visual storytelling. Take a look around to learn more about what we do in the Southern Breeze Region.

Reach out to the Illustrator Coordinator at to let us know how you would like to be involved!


ILLUSTRATION MENTORSHIP with Candlewick Art Director Maria Middleton
Open to the first 10 illustrators
REGISTRATION OPENS:  December 1, 2018
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Discovery is the act of finding something unknown. A discovery can evoke a multitude of reactions; it can be magical, terrible, wonderful, shocking, uninspiring—or anything in between.

  • Using a character of your own invention, draw them in the act of discovering something. Your final format will be either a picture book spread or a middle-grade cover.
  • Begin! Choose your adventure. For a picture book, you will create one spread measuring 16×10” (two consecutive pages that are 8×10 each). For a middle-grade novel, you will create a cover that measures 6×9”.
  • Explore! Who is your character? What are they discovering? Create an original story brief using no more than 100 words to describe your character’s moment of discovery. This exercise will help you hone in on your character and get to the heart of the moment you want to depict. If you’re creating a picture book spread, you can use your brief to create final text for the spread. For a middle-grade cover, use the text to title your book.
  • Sketch! Create loose one-color sketches of your character including character turns at various angles. Get to know your character then introduce the moment of discovery. Consider composition, format, perspective, and text placement. Do as many sketches as necessary before creating three tight sketch options. You may introduce color in one of the sketches.
  • Feedback! Your tight sketches and story brief are due by January 1, 2019. Schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting with your art director for critique the week of January 7.
  • Refine! Using your art director’s feedback, refine your idea by placing your character in a final composition at the correct trim size. Your work in progress is due on February 1 and your art director will email final notes by February 15.
  • Finalize! After receiving your art director’s final feedback, create your finished color spread or cover.
  • Share! For the Intensive, bring your story brief, initial black-and-white sketches, and finished color image. We will share and critique the work as a group. Come prepared to talk about your work!

Parting words: Make something you’ll be proud of. There is no right or wrong answer to creativity. If at any moment you feel stuck, give yourself some breathing room away from the project and begin again when you are ready. Remember your deadlines, and most importantly, have fun!



APPLY  November 15th – January 1, 2019
Please use email subject:  LIZ CONRAD 2019

In honor of our dear friend, Liz Conrad, who created many wonderful children’s books, the Southern Breeze chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators has established a merit based Award for our regional illustrators. This award is now the only contest offered to our illustrators as we have moved to a single regional conference each year.

The Liz Conrad Award will be given to one promising illustrator in the children’s book field and will provide:

  • Free attendance at our Illustrators’ Day/Illustrator’s Intensive
  • Free attendance at our annual Conference
  • Review comments from the Judge determining the recipient of the Award.

This Award is open to Southern Breeze SCBWI members only and is an impressive honor to add to one’s resume. If you would like to apply email your application and submission to Applications may be submitted beginning November 15 of each year. The deadline for submissions is January 1st.  Please use email subject:  LIZ CONRAD 2019

(Registration for Spring Mingle and Illustrator’s Day 2019 – COMING SOON!)

Level up your Illustration Career and work with industry professionals in the children’s book market.  We will dive deep into the ART OF STORYTELLING with your creative cohorts to work on craft! More details coming soon.

Stay Connected and see ya’ll soon!

TeMika Grooms, Southern Breeze Illustrator Coordinator

Please use email subject:  SM19 BROCHURE
SCBWI Members can submit work to be featured in the Spring Mingle Brochure!  This will put your work front and center to be seen by Children’s Book Publishers, Editors and Agents.  Send your website or social media link to Southern-Breeze-IC@scbwi.orgPlease use email subject:   SM19 BROCHURE

Portfolios & Postcards

Postcards – Learn more about preparing your postcards and portfolios to be seen by industry professionals.
TeMika has a great video about different swag you can create to give away.

Portfolios – Learn more about preparing your portfolio for the upcoming conference


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