Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Pitch Event Guidelines

Conference attendees are invited to submit to our 2023 Pitch Event.

Submit up to two pitches, max 280 characters each. Don’t forget to include genre: PB, Early Reader, CB, MG, YA, NF, GN.

Create a UNIQUE codename for yourself that you will recognize. This allows us to post the results anonymously.

During the conference, faculty agents and editors will receive a list of all pitches (with your name/contact displayed) and will “like” any pitches that pique their interest.

Stop by the Registration Desk during lunch to see the results of these “likes.” Find your code name and see if any faculty “liked” your pitch. A “like” is an invitation to submit to that faculty member.

Check out this helpful guide for a well-crafted pitch.

Thanks to our friends at SCBWI Carolinas for allowing us to borrow their brilliant idea!

FINAL DEADLINE to receive your pitches is: February 20.

Pitches can be submitted via Google form here.