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Children's Book Writers
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Read Local Program Details

Author Benefits

The program encourages k-5 classrooms to read the books on the list.
Selected authors and illustrators will have one book promoted to up to 500 schools/contacts. The Southern Breeze Read Local program volunteers will market the program at the school system level.
Author and illustrators will receive copies of the Read Local marketing emails to use with schools and librarians they know.
Upon request, each participating author/illustrator will be provided with 5 posters for their own use plus access to the downloadables online.


Author/Illustrator and Book Eligibility

For the pilot program, we are targeting K-5 elementary schools (media centers and classroom teachers.)
One book per author/illustrator (or co-creative pair) will be included in the materials. (On the initial form, you can list up to 5 books on varying topics and age ranges so the committee can choose a range of ages/interests/reading levels for the program.)
Up to 24 authors/illustrators will be chosen by a committee to ensure the books meet requirements and show a representation of underrepresented authors, a variety of topics/subjects, and a variety of age levels.
Books can be picture books, early readers, young chapter books, or novels appropriate for this age.
Books can be fiction or nonfiction.
The books must be currently in print and available to order from Follet. This includes most traditionally published books and select self-published books. (Authors should ask a local school librarian and confirm their books are available on Follett BEFORE filling out the interest form.)
The books can be with small or large publishers or self-published, BUT they must be available in school ordering systems, in stock, and currently in print.


Author Commitment – $100

To be considered and participate in the program, each author MUST commit to doing the following:
Confirm book’s eligibility
Fully complete the interest form (Incomplete interest forms may not be considered for the program.)
Pay $100 by the payment deadline. (These funds will go toward the costs of printing, postage, design, and distribution. The program is run by volunteers.)
Provide the required 5-10 contacts of elementary school media specialists, including email, name and title, school name, school system name. Contacts at the system level preferred for efficiency in marketing.
Provide any information requested on time, ie cover, bio, photos, and other necessary information.
Provide a 10% discount on speaking fees to participating schools/teachers during the 2023-2024 school year. (Authors may re-set fees as they wish before the program starts.)

*Southern Breeze Volunteers running the Read Local Program will automatically be included in the 24 selected authors. Their books must meet the eligibility criteria. If you are interested in being a volunteer for the program, please indicate your interest in the Author Interest Form.

Key Dates

  • Registration – Open in Feb.
  • Eligible authors/illustrators will submit an “Author Interest Form” – By the end of Feb.
  • up to 24 authors/illustrators confirmed – March 25
  • Author/illustrator information gathered for final materials – March-April
  • Information created – April-May
  • Packets ordered – June-July
  • Packets mailed – Aug.- Oct
  • Program closes – Dec. 31
  • Prize winners will be chosen in Jan.


Program Commitment

  • Materials will be professionally written and designed.
  • The materials will be professionally printed. 
  • Materials will be mailed to participating classrooms first come/first serve while available.
  • We will measure progress and success to determine response rate(s).


Performance Metrics:

To assess the effectiveness, we will look at the following metrics:

  • # of website hits on the program page
  • # of materials/files downloaded from the site
  • # of entries we get for the prizes – Prize Entry Form
  • # of packets requested
  • # participants who complete the survey